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The 2022 Florida Retirement Handbook Digital eBook (PDF)

The 2024 Florida Retirement Handbook eBook (PDF)

The 2024 Florida Retirement Handbook includes information on 100+ best places and communities for retirement, the safest places to retire in Florida, cost of living information, how to navigate the Florida homeowner's insurance minefield, and more.
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Pick the Right Place eBook

Pick the Right Place eBook

52% of my readers say that one of their greatest fears about retirement is moving to the wrong place.

That’s second only to not having enough assets or income.

Imagine if there was a book to walk you step-by-step through the process of figuring out where to retire, and guiding you through all the steps required to actually make it a reality.

That would be great right?

Well such a book does exist and it’s called Pick the Right Place.

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